North Pole: For the first time in years toys and ipods and gameboys were not in the top 10 list of things being requested from Santa.

"The highest number of requests from kids is for mommy and daddy to get a new mortgage to save their homes," Santa said. "It is really sad...the kids aren't even sure if they'll have a home on Christmas Eve."

Number 2 on the list is the US getting its soldiers out of Iraq. "You'd be amazed how many people want their sons and daughters and wives and husbands  and mommies and daddies home this Christmas," Santa said.

Third on the most requested list is for Barak Obama to take office as the new President immediately. "I can't amend the US Constitution, so folks are going to have to wait until January 20th, 2009," Santa noted.

Fourth on the list is being allowed to work legally in the US. "I think many people would be surprised how many Hispanic kids there are in that country who are worried about their parents getting caught and deported."

Fifth on the list is a job. "I firmly believe that US unemployment statistics are way understated from the number of people I've heard from who are looking for a job. There are thousands of kids whose parents worked in new home construction, banking, mortgage lending, building supplies, and all sorts of places that are out on the street right now," Santa observed.

Sixth on the list was health insurance. "Many people are scared they're parents are going to get sick and die and the family doesn't have any health insurance. Amazing thing that a country supposedly so rich cannot even provide some kind of minimal health care safety net for its people," Santa said.

Seventh on the list, and first item one could actually buy, was a hybrid car that was also cheap to buy. "People want to get really high gas mileage or even drive something that doesn't use gasoline at all," Santa noted. "I mean, if one of those US auto companies got the message and built nothing but hybrids and fuel cell and electric cars, they'd make a mint." Santa reportedly has suggested any US taxpayer bailout of GM, Ford and Chrysler be tied to building lots of hybrids and giving anyone who wants to buy a car (no credit checks) a zero percent car loan.

Eighth on Santa's list  world peace. "I guess it shows how pessimistic people are that world peace is this far down the list," Santa said. "It would be my first choice."

Ninth on the list were solar panels for homes. "In addition to wanting alternative fueled cars, many people want off the grid and to not be part of the global warming mess," Santa said. "Believe me, I want to do something about Global Warming...I've had to relocate Santa's Workshop three times this year because the ice keeps melting at the North Pole."

Tenth on the most requested list of things people want is a life without fear.