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In response to widespread attempts to boycott Arizona in the wake of passage of Arizona's new anti-Mexican law (SB 1070), Republican officials are launching a counter effort.

"We feel that for every liberal who wants to punish the state for standing up against illegal immigration, there are those who will want to move to Arizona, who will want to do business in Arizona, and who will offset the boycotts," said Jeff Davis, head of the newly formed group Arizona is a Southern State (ASS).

"I think we'd make a fine new home for people in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida who are sick and tired of hurricanes, mosquitoes and high humidity," said Davis.

ASS will aggressively promote a Visit Arizona  State Today (VAST) campaign in the old South.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being sought to be the spokesman for ASS. " White Southerners will immediately identify with him," said Davis.

The effort to save Arizona's economy also includes recruiting conventions.

"For every liberal organization convention we lose, we could gain conventions like the Son's of the Confederacy, the Klan, and lots of other right-wing xenophobic groups," Davis added.

"While we may not be attractive to highly educated people from California and New York, "added Davis, "we sure as heck can pitch ourselves to Crackers and Red Necks."

The effort to attract new permanent residents from Old South states  is crucial to Arizona's future as a bastion of  racial intolerance, noted Davis.

In the recent past, most new residents of Arizona either came from Mexico or California.

"I think we sent a message with SB 1070 that folks from Mexico and California are not welcome here," said Davis. "So we got to pitch ourselves in places where the folks think like us."

"There are still lots of whimpy liberal Democrat types in the state, and we encourage them to move, so their homes can be filled up with God-fearing gun-toting folks who hate the federal government, all things liberal, and will keep electing heroes such as Russell Pearce. and send guys like JD Hayworth to the US Senate" said Davis.

"We might even have to agree to let Baja Arizona become its own state because there's too damned many Hispanics and Democrats down there," added Davis, "so we can concentrate political control over the rest of the territory in the hands of right-thinking people.

"It it was my choice, I'd sell Baja Arizona back to Mexico," said Davis.