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Earth The world breathed a sigh of relief as Comet Hale-Bopp whipped around the Sun and sped off into space.

"The passage of Comet Hale-Bopp will probably be remembered not only for the cult suicide, but for the tidal wave of really awful disaster movies it spawned,"explained Sarah Beedle with the GDU College of Astronomy.

"Never have there been so many movies about volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, big snakes, meteorite impacts, and other ways to separate little children from their pets," explained Beedle, General Delivery University's expert on outer space and other voids.

"Threats of an alien invasion from the spaceship alleged to be following the comet are also greatly reduced," Beedle added, as an after-thought.

Missing Jet Found on Web

The missing A-10 from Davis-Monthan AFB turned up
                        on the World Wide Web yesterday, via a post card posted on the usenet

What Hell Will Be
What awaits the rich, the powerful, and the famous when they die? Hell for many of them. But not just a hot place. According to our source, who just returned from Hell, here's what some folks have to look forward to... BILL CLINTON will spend eternity in Arkansas, and Satan will be Hillary. Hell for BARBARA WALTERS will be filled with totally unimportant, insignificant people who don't speak English. YASSAR ARAFAT is doomed to a place where he will be the only Arab, and everyone else will be armed Israelies. Democrats, welfare mothers, and poor people will be NEWT GINGRICH's eternal companions. In Hell, MICHAEL JACKSON will be a little boy, and there will be a lot of other Michael Jackson's who like little boys way too much. OJ will be deposited into a very large room filled with a whole bunch of angry women...with very big knives. There will be no computers and no money where BILL GATES is going. TIM McVEIGH (after he is executed) will wake up tied to a very large bomb, that is ticking. And explodes. And he wakes up again, tied to a very large bomb, that is ticking... And Hell for Dennis Rodman is that he's going to be a pygmy.

Bandersnatch goes weekly
The Bandersnatch goes weekly retroactively. More...

Congress Abolishes Income Tax, Greenspan Dead, Cigarette Makers Quit

Tucson News
Santa Cruz Sand Trout Sighted

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times Bill and Hillary wished they'd never have heard of Whitewater.