There are aliens among us

the frumious bandersnatch he's hiding


pretty picture of saguaro Aliens have invaded Arizona, it was discovered recently. "What we always thought of as saguaro cactus are really extra-terrestrials from a planet that circles Procyon in Canis Major," explained Sara Beedle, General Delivery University astronomer.

The invading aliens arrived in the Southwest about 10,000 years ago.

"They are very slow moving creatures," Beedle went on, "so it wasn't until recently we discovered they weren't plants. Boy did we look stupid to have over-looked an alien invasion."

"We've always known that the saguaro don't belong in the desert," claimed Gerald Grader, Phoenix-area developer. "We've been fighting the battle against the infestation of the Planet Earth by these spiny green monsters for over 50 years," Grader added.

In Phoenix nearly one acre of alien dominated desert per hour is being reclaimed by bulldozers.

"People don't appreciate what we're doing to save America,"Grader added.