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Bill Clinton & The Definition of "Sexual Relations"

Rather than skirt the issue, President Bill Clinton "forcefully" denied he had "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky. Yet, accoring to The Starr Report, Ms. Lewinsky had "oral sex" with Clinton on ten different occasions. The question is, does fellatio constitute "sexual relations"? The following was posted on January 28, 1998:

One must remember that Clinton was 51, meaning he developed his definitions of sexual relations back in high school in the 1960's. For those readers who are not familiar with sexual relationships before the advent of oral contraceptives, women's liberation, and the sexual revolution that started in the late 1960's, it is quite possible that Clinton, as many fellow baby boomers, does not consider fellatio to be "sexual relations".

Dating in the early 60's was measured by "bases". First base was a handful of breast inside a bra. Second base was removing the bra. Getting one's hand inside a girl's panties was "heavy petting", or third base. Home plate was intercourse . The guy got to first base, or maybe second base with his date. But rarely did he score to home plate. Hence the slang expression "scoring" with a woman. If you "scored" that meant you had sex--meaning intercourse. Everything else was preliminaries, and not really "sex".

Many young ladies also considered "sex" to be exclusively intercourse. This was when women were still "saving themselves" for marriage, and could arguably consider themselves virgins, even though they may have become quite proficient in performing fellatio to "relieve the tensions" of the male in question.

At the end of a night of heavy petting, the guy would usually plead with his date "please, please, I can't go home like this. You've gotta relieve my tensions". Relief was required to avoid the dreaded malady of "blue balls". And more often than not, the young lady would oblige. It wasn't until after they were married that the young lady would learn that a Playboy magazine and a free hand was sufficient for tension relief.

The phenomena of young ladies drawing a firm (but exceedingly fine) line between all manners of sexual arousal and intercourse (not the term actually used in the situation) was especially evident in extremely religious young women of the time. How many of us heard "but I'm a good Catholic" as she came up for air? Apparently school yard Catholic dogma of the time defined "sex" as fornication, a serious sin, and manual or oral stimulation as maybe not even worthy of confession.

Thus, it is quite possible that Mr. Clinton, the arch baby boomer who reportedly solicited Paula Jones for oral sex, doesn't even consider any bodily contact outside of intercourse to be a "sexual relationship".

And one must also consider the modern context of "groupies", which emerged in the late 1960's. We all know what "groupies" are, since they still surround rock musicians. Well, they also surround politicians. The more powerful the politician, the more likely he is being stalked by a large number of groupies seeking to "score". And failing to reach home plate, they are just as happy to come away from an encounter with a really good story to brag about to their friends, and maybe sell to the National Enquirer. The White House is the pinnacle of power in the world. And where might the largest concentration of political groupies be found? Who save their semen-stained dresses for future use...

Which brings up the thought...some day there will be a female President? And will there be a scandal about the lady President having her tension relieved on the side?

The singular difference between the early 1960's (when John F. Kennedy was the President) and now, is the ladies are talking while the President is still alive. Like they say, you've come along way.....