Pentagon desperate for more troops...


Faced with falling recruitment rates and the need for more troops in Afghanistan, we propose upping the age for enlistment to 65.

The US is having a serious backlash deploying the National Guard  and Reserve units to Iraq and Afghanistan over and over again, because this really pisses off families.

So how about this idea. There are all these older guys born in 1944 and afterwards who evaded the draft, raised their families, didn't save a dime, and want one last shot at being real men.

VA medical benefits, a little more retirement pay beyond Social Security, and a chance to go far away from creditors could also be factors  as inducements for older folks to want to enlist.

Most Baby Boomers are actually pretty damned fit, and could easily pass basic training.

Another point favoring building new military capacity using old guys is the ferocity potential of these special forces.

Unlike younger people who have a life ahead of them, the older guys have nothing left to lose, so they're absolutely crazy bastards. :Plus they watched too many movies and tv shows and believe they are capable of being John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.

Code-name them  the Boomer Brigades and give these geriatric GIs  the most dangerous assignments.

"They'll be a little hard to command, since they'll all be older than their officers, and have a lot of management skills themselves, but they will also be perfect for situations where a lot of innovation and creativity is required.

Special Boomer units are included in this proposal.

There'd be one bunch of them aimed at disrupting the financial resources of the enemy. Guys with Wall Street experience who can screw economies up.

Other special units could include:

-- engineers and  construction workers who could rebuild the  infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan.

-- lawyers who would supervise interrogation of terrorists and then be able to defend whatever happens with the same skills they got their murderous clients a free ride,

--doctors who wanted to practice real medicine without a health insurance company second-guessing every decision they made,

--accountants who would fudge the books for the armed services.

There is an enormous talent pool in the Boomers that is just going to waste right now.