America will collapse in the very near future. The cause will be all the shoddy Chinese made stuff in the US that will all fail at the same time.

We loved getting all that new stuff so cheap. This was especially helpful when our incomes didn't keep up with inflation.

But now we're in deep kimshee, and can't afford to buy anything new any more.

Have you noticed what's happening?

Everything that was made in China is failing or breaking.

Yes, the stuff was cheap. You get what you pay for. It was so badly made, using such inferior materials, you were lucky the stuff lasted as long as it did.

The theory was sure it would fail. It was intended to fail, so you'd have to buy replacements, keeping the Chinese economy booming.

But now the revenge is coming. You can't buy replacements, putting millions of Chinese out of work. So all the Chinese made crap is failing, and our country is going to grind to a halt one morning soon.

If you doubt this Conspiracy Theory, whenever something quits working or breaks, look at where it was made. 99.9% will be from China. Start piling the worthless crap in your front yard. See how fast the pile grows.


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