[The following was stolen from Democratic Congressional Campaign Headquarters by someone we don't know and who left it anonymously in our email box]


To: B. Obama
From: Congressional Campaign Committee
Date: January 20, 2010

After three humiliating defeats in a row, poor Teddy is rolling over in his grave God Bless him, the prospects of the Democratic Party holding on to majorities in the US House and Senate are at grave risk.

In order to stop the loss of credibility of the Democratic Party the following must be done immediately:

(1) Appoint Nancy Pelosi Ambassador to Nepal.

(2) Appoint Harry Reid Ambassador to Bhutan.

(3) Cut off all telecommunications connections to Nepal and Bhutan.

(4) Put on the table a stripped down version of health care reform that gets rid of pre-existing condition denials, that prevents insurance companies from canceling policies when people get sick, and that allows people to keep their health insurance even when they leave their jobs---permanent COBRA.

(5)  Cut off internet access to Bhutan and Nepal.

(6) Capture Osama bin Laden and turn him over to a Military Tribunal as a War Criminal.

(7) Get the Justice Department to indict a whole bunch of Wall Street financial types.

(8) Buy another dog.

(9) Do not return phone calls or emails from liberal Democratic candidates needing help from the White House (assuming you get any).