Man seeking Woman Who:

(Not in any order of importance)

1. __ Likes and participates  in good/interesting conversation

2. __ Is financially responsible 

3. __ Is financially self-sufficient, doesn't need a Sugar Daddy

4. __Is into gardening, landscaping, building things...proficient with power tools

5. __ Is creative- i.e.: artist, writer, musician, etc.

6. __ Likes to explore new things, places and situations-- is adventurous

7. __ Likes to receive and give back rubs, likes snuggling

8. __ Is good at solving problems, not creating them

9. __ Laughs a lot and  has a good sense of humor

10. __Wants a relationship based on being an equal Partner and Co-creator

11. __ Is Spiritual, Magical - actually a practitioner

12. __ Is erotic/ sensuous

13. __ Is not into mind reading

14. __Is not controlling nor into being controlled

15. __ Is not flashy or self-centered

16. __ Is trusting- centered -balanced ( tries to live in "hozo")

17. __ Believes in giving people, especially patner the "benefit of the doubt"

18. __ Is not excessively judgmental

19. __ Is not overly critical - tries to see good or beauty in everything

20. __ Is loving, touching, affectionate and likes to be touched

21. __ Likes me for who and what I am and doesn't condition love on changing me

22. __ Is not angry and is not cultivating a garden of resentments

23. __ Is not fearful

24. __ Understands and lives in synchronistic world

25. __ Is very individuated, has strong boundaries, and will draw the line on boundary invasions

26. __ Wants to be a good friend and companion and have a good friend and companion in return

27. __ Likes to share, but also respect's other's self time and needs own self-time

28. __Doesn't see every disagreement as a relationship ending opportunity or event

29. __ Has good self-esteem, is confident - likes herself

30. __ Is not a neat/clean freak

31. __ Likes animals (even better if she talks to animals) wouldn't mind having chickens in back yard

32. __ Has adult children living away from home, no child problems

33. __ Likes and gets along with my kids who are adults and live away from home

34. __ Is not rigid in thinking & beliefs.. .no fundamentalism

35. __ Is Liberal/Democrat.. .enjoys politics

36. __ Does not fight about money

37. __ Doesn't have too many problem relatives

38. __ Is not the jealous type

39. __ Is not into pressuring or game playing

40. __ Is not into hammering

41. __ Is versatile--blue jeans to slinky gowns

42. __Is comfortable with and enjoys a wide range of people

43. __ Knows rules of argument to get to a positive result

44. __ Wants a committed, monogamous relationship

45. __Understand "shadows" and how to deal with them

46. __ Is a moderate or infrequent drinker

47. __ Is a smoker or at least tolerant of a smoker (me) as long as I don't smoke inside

48. __ Likes romantic situations, candle light,  full moons, picnics by streams

49. __Likes movies, books with happy endings, likes to discuss books and movies

50. __ Watches stuff on TV like History Channel and PBS.

51. __ Has an eclectic taste in music--likes live music

52. __ Likes theater, art galleries, museums.

53. __ Enjoys yard sailing, antiquing, junk yards

54.__ Enjoys quests--such as for the source of the Jackalope  and has own quests to pursue

55.__ Doesn't care about labels on anything.

56. __ Is comfortable trading lead in everything from dancing to life - no traditional male-female role games

57. __ Is beyond male-female conflict -  is a self-aware Goddess.

58. __ Doesn't set up false expectations in order to be angry

59.__ Has a positive outlook on life--sees everything as an opportunity to learn and have new adventures.

60. __ Is living in the Now and not the Past or Future.

61. __ Is Empathic

62. __ Is approximately the same age (59)

63. __ Is thin, medium, well-proportioned, athletic - reasonably healthy

64. __ Is 5 foot to 5'8" or so

65. __ Does expect me to want to do everything she likes to do with her, and vice versa.

66. __ Is really smart... wise  (education credentials irrelevant) i.e. crone

67. __ Likes outdoors - hiking, walking, outrigger canoeing, exploring,

68. __ Isn't afraid to take on a cause to make the world (or at least a little part of it) a better place.

69. __ Is courageous

70. __ Not hesitant to express opinions.. mouthy is good!

71. __ Is open with expressing emotions and expects the same in return

72. __ Is fiercely loyal and expects the same in return.

73. __ Is nurturing in the empowerment mode and expects the same in return

74. __ Doesn't see her (or my) past failed relationships as anything but a learning process to do better the next time.