It's summer in Phoenix, which means daily high temperatures exceed 110 degrees. At night the temperature rarely dips below 80, and sometimes hovers in the 90's.

Phoenix is an outdoor sauna in the summer.

Phoenix is also home to more right wing crazy people per square mile than any place in America. Barry Goldwater based his political career in Phoenix. So did John McCain. Politically Phoenix is to the right of the rest of the country. It's Republicans are rabid and reactionary. Just look at Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpio who hunts down maids and gardeners for a living. Look at the Arizona State Legislature who mostly come from Pheonix.

It has something to do with the heat frying people's brains.

The problem is that with the advent of global warming, summer temperatures in excess of 110 degrees for weeks on end will not be limited to Phoenix. Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and a host of other major American cities are going to become solar ovens.

What does this mean for America?

It means that the hotter it gets, the more Republicans there are going to be. 

Not moderate Republicans, either. Republicans that think Sarah Palin is the Second Coming. Republicans that want everyone to carry concealed weapons who can qualify for a concealed carry permit (which will not  be available to liberals or minorities). Republicans that will abolish all but the essential elements of government. Forget public schools, and public health.

Which is why it is most curious that Republicans are still in denial about global warming being real. 

Global warming will be the salvation of the GOP.

The hotter it gets, the crazier people get. And the more they turn into Republicans. Just look at Phoenix.