The Law Firm of Goniff & Gelt was founded in 1973 by two then recent graduates of the General Delivery University College of Law who could not get real jobs, and therefore, out of the sheer necessity of having to pay back massive student loans, opened up their own practice.

Realizing that clients just didn't materialize in their shabby lobby by magic, Goniff & Gelt pioneered Tasteless Legal Advertising.

Goniff & Gelt was the first Law Firm to offer Wills--Two For the Price of One, and a contingency fee of only 25% for auto accidents. Fortunately, the Law Office of Goniff & Gelt was strategically located on an extremely busy and dangerous intersection in Tucson, Arizona, and clients (some dripping blood and carrying pieces of their windshields) started staggering in.

Goniff & Gelt also opened up the first Swap Meet Law Office in America.

In 1983 the firm went on television for the first time with a commercial showing weeping relatives watching their loved one being buried, with the announcer informing the audience that "It is too late for Mr. Smith to make out his will. How about you?" This commercial instantly raised the ire of the State Bar Association which tried to disbar the two lawyers. In the landmark decision Goniff v. Bar their right to advertise was upheld.

More recently the firm has been running a commercial showing Harry Goniff getting into his brand new Mercedes Benz (which has a license plate reading "Sue The Bastards") explaining that poor people who commit crimes generally end up in prison, whereas richer folk can beat the rap if they hire the right lawyer...hence the firm's motto "All The Justice You Can Afford."

Goniff & Gelt is an F rated lawfirm by Martindale-Hubbell.

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