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TEACH ME HOW TO DANCE: I've been in prison for ten years after shooting my last boy friend. SWF, 40ish, proficient with hand guns. Seeking male under the age of 50 with minimum priors. JANE 7345

SMOKER PREFERRED: Why is it all the women seeking men want a non-smoker. I smoke and drink and cuss like a sailor. Height and weight proportionate. Sometimes I'm blond, and sometimes a redhead. And I kick ass. BILLIE 5521

KEEP ME IN THE LIFESTYLE TO WHICH I'VE BECOME ACCUSTOMED: Recently bankrupt professional WF with a taste for fine wine, yatchs, and summers in France. Platinum cards only need apply. GINGER 9643

HELP ME RAISE MY BRATS: Have 4 kids from 4 different men, no education, and I'm 60 pounds over weight. Any kind of male accepted. JOAN 5125

RUN WITH THE WOLVES: I live in Montana and hang out in the mountains, sleeping with real wolves. Can you handle me? Train me? I bite. BRIGID 6699

CAT LOVER: Seeking man who likes cats. I have 37 living with me. JANE 5553

INSECURITY IS ME: I'm very smart and very insecure. Anything you say will upset me. BRENDA 7532

THERAPY PARTNER: I've been under analysis for 20 years and still hate my ex-husband. Want to help me plot his death? SARAH 8026

MOM LIVES WITH ME: Two for the price of one. But she still rules my life. RENNY 6926


SEX KITTEN WANTED: Looking for a SWF, good looking, who just wants to screw around. No long term commitment offered or accepted. BOB 4345

BORN LOSER: I've been married 3 times, and have no redeeming qualities. Seeking LTR with a lady who can handle failure. Save me, please. JIM 7866

SLAVE WANTED. Cook and clean and then I'll tie you to the bed. BRAD 6322

PANTYHOSE FETISH: Am member of the Pantyhose Fetish Club of Japan. If you understand this, you're my lady. KOMIKO 3082


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