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The Phoenix-dominated Arizona state legislature is having another fit of madness.

And the Governor is signing the madness into law.

Besides protecting your right to carry a gun in your purse without a permit (while the state goes bankrupt) now we have the worst state immigration laws ever dreamed up.

Ninety days after the state legislature adjounrs, it will be illegal to be an illegal in Arizona. We’re all going to have to carry passports around just to drive to work. If you look like whatever the police thinks an illegal alien looks like, life is going to be a hassle. Do you dare go to a public park? Do you even dare to drive your car?

Are you tired of state Senator Russell Pearce setting the agenda for what is important in your life? Do you just love a state that can’t afford state parks or rest stops, but will assure you a politician has to have a valid birth certificate?

For many years there has been a tongue-in-cheek proposal floating around to correct a mistake made back in 1854 when the Gadsden Purchase was completed, and the area south of the Gila River was tacked onto the United States as part of what became Arizona.

The proposal is to sever the Gadsden Purchase off from Arizona and create our own new state called Baja Arizona

No, this is not a proposal to secede from the United States, though our tea party folks and state legislators seem inclined in that direction.

It is a proposal to create America’s 51st state composed of Pima, Pinal, Yuma, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties more or less. The Gila River would be the northern boundary of the new state.

Besides not having our lives controlled by a bunch of right wing nuts from Phoenix, we’d have the US border with Mexico all to ourselves.

Benefits from creating Baja Arizona are numerous, and include:

--we’d get two US Senators who would probably be Democrats. Even if one of them was a Republican, our Baja Republicans aren’t anywhere near as toxic as the Maricopa subspecies. Remember, we elected the only openly gay Republican to Congress.

--we’d have a governor from south of the Gila. Never again would we have the likes of Evan Mecham or Fife Symington or Jan Brewer to deal with.

--we’d have a state legislature without Russell Pearce.

--we could even have some sane environmental and water laws.

--we might even be able to have roadside rest stops along our freeways.

With Tucson as the presumptive capitol of Baja Arizona, we’d create an economic boom as hordes of lobbyists would have to set up shop in Tucson. This could even justify a new downtown hotel.

Do you think the current state legislaure would vote to get rid of as Bajans? No more crazy Democrats from down here to bother them.

It would take a vote in favor of the people in both states to approve? Do you think the folks up north would like to have nothing to do with us? And us with being dominated by Phoenix?

And it would take approval of Congress. What do you think the chances are for that?

Is it time yet for Baja Arizona?

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