New Reality TV Show proposed: Sneaking into America

While the crossing of the border between Mexico and the US by illegal aliens and drug smugglers gets a lot of news and political attention , few people actually know very much about how this is actually done.

Herewith is a Treatment / Proposal for a new TV reality show called "Sneaking into America" :

Ten contestants  for each series will be selected randomly from applicants. There would be 3 series of Sneaks into America.

Each of the 3 series will have 4 episodes… for a total of 12 one hour shows.

The first episode of each "Sneak" series is titled “staging for illegal entry”, the second being “crossing the line”, the third being “the overland journey of death” and the final episode “arriving in the promised land”.

The last scene in each series will be the winner starting his or her new job in the United States.

Contestants who are captured, killed, die or give up with be eliminated from the contest for the winning prize.

All contestants will be required to pass a rigorous physical examination and sign a hold harmless agreement that if they are kidnapped, murdered or die or are injured in any way they will not be able to sue anyone involved in the program. All contestants will be afforded a $100,000 life insurance policy for the benefit of their family. US citizenship will not be required for contestants except for "Going to Washington DC"  run. Contestants for that series will be required to provide proof of US citizenship to be a contestant, but will not be allowed to show such proof while competing in the show.

Each contestant will be accompanied by a cameraman who will not be allowed to provide any assistance whatsoever to the contestant during the "Sneak".

The first series will be called Sneak to Phoenix.

The ten contestants will be taken to town of Altar in northern Sonora and left there with $1,000 in cash, one gallon of water, one cell phone, and the clothes on their back. They will not be allowed to carry any documentation confirming they are United States citizens if in fact they are. Each contestant will be able to guarantee payment to a "coyote" of an additional $2,000 upon their safe arrival at the destination within 14 days of starting out.

Their goal is to reach the State Capitol building, Senate Wing in downtown Phoenix.

In order to achieve this goal contestants will have to:

--decide which “coyote” to hire to transport them to the US-Mexican border and get them across and negotiate the terms of their relationship.

--purchase "crossing" clothing and supplies such as a back pack,  food and water.

--decide whether to work together as a team or go their individual ways.

-- then walk for 3 or 4 days through the desert to a point where they would be picked up and driven to Phoenix.

--they will have to successfully avoid being captured by the US Border Patrol.

--they will have to successfully avoid being robbed by border bandits.

--they will have to avoid dying of heat prostration or dehydration while crossing into the United States to the point where they would be picked up by their coyote transportation deal

--they will have to avoid being kidnapped in Phoenix.

All contestants reaching the destination in Phoenix will be considered "winners". Each winner will receive a minimum wage job in the Phoenix area cleaning hotel rooms,.

The second Sneaking into America series  is called Vamos al Chicago  and will start in Oaxaca, Mexico and end in Chicago, Illinois

In order to achieve that goal contestants will have to arrive alive in the vicinity of Brownsville or Laredo, Texas without being kidnapped and murdered by the Zeta cartel, cross the Rio Grande, avoid being captured by the Border Patrol, and travel across the country to downtown Chicago.

Winners of this contest will have the choice of a minimum wage job in Chicago, Detroit or New York City.

The third series in Sneaking into America  is called Going to Washington DC and will feature state and federal politicians as the contestants.

The starting point for this series will be Guatemala and end at the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

In addition to all the risks and challenges of the other series, the contestants will also have to sneak through Mexico and avoid being captured by that country’s law enforcement authorities for illegal entry.

The winners of the "Going to Washington DC"  "Sneak" will be allowed to hold a press conference about issues such as securing the border and immigration law reform, and then return to their public office job.

It is hoped that one or more Presidential candidates would participate in the "Going to Washington DC" Sneak series.

Sneaking into America could be a top rated show.

Viewers will experience at ground level some of the most remote and beautiful country in America ranging from burning deserts to rugged mountains.

Each episode will be filled with suspense as each contestant tries to avoid being killed by bandits or captured by law enforcement. Viewers will experience hiding beneath bushes as helicopters circle over head and masked men carrying automatic weapons hunt for them to steal their money and shoes.

Interspersed with eye-level video of the ordeals of the contestants, Sneak will also include real-time footage shot from Border Patrol aircraft and vehicles searching for the contestants, with commentaries from all sides of the border security and immigration law reform debate and interviews with real  illegal aliens who have survived the journey into the United States themselves.

Viewers can pick their favorite contestants and follow their dangerous journeys on Twitter.

At the conclusion of each series viewers will have as close to a first-hand experience as possible of what thousands of illegal immigrants experience daily as they cross the border for jobs in the United States.

And the question will be asked at the end of each episode "would you try and do this?"

Copyright 2011 by Hugh A. Holub