They're mobile homes, not trailers

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The Shady Oak Trailer Park applied for Historic status yesterday. Known as the most seedy trailer park in the city, Shady Oak residents nevertheless are quite proud of their shabby little enclave.

"We're afraid some yuppy developer will come along," explained Randy Flag, Shady Oak manager, "and buy the land, kick us out, and build a new Walgreens."

home sweet home

A sunny day at the historic Shady Oak Trailer Park

City officials were surprised at the request, but readily admitted the trailer park does qualify as an historic site. "Some of those trailers are over 50 years old, and represent a unique period of our heritage," explained Cindy South with the city zoning department.

"That's just a bunch of white trash trying to get some free money from City Hall," exclaimed Robert Diamond, owner of the property next to Shady Oak. Diamond plans to oppose the historic designation. "Don't those people realize that if they get historic status, they won't be able to add air conditioners to their units," Diamond added.

"No one here can afford no air conditioning,"Flag countered.

Support for the historic designation increased with distance from the trailers.

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