Tucson, where they hunt for scorpions with blacklights in homes

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona is a real place (sort of) located in the southeastern part of what is proposed to be Baja Arizona.

A metropolitan area of about 750,000 people, Tucsonans are known for their fierce opposition to anything remotely urban looking, such as large buildings and freeways.

The principal economic activities in the area include land speculation, land development, land fraud, missile making, pottery, and answering telephones for companies (except Microsoft). Not surprisingly, the average family income in Tucson is several thousand dollars less than in Phoenix.

Tucson experiences temperatures as high as 117 degrees in the summer, has an average annual rainfall of less than 12 inches, and the area around Tucson is home to more kinds of poisonous snakes, insects and lizards than anywhere in the world. Residents in the desert areas surrounding the city routinely use blacklights to search their rooms for poisonous scorpions clinging to the ceiling, before going to bed. This information is provided in case you might be thinking of moving to Tucson.

Politically, Tucson is mostly Democrat. But Tucson has about 500,000 environmental and neighborhood groups and most local elections are referenda on growth issues. Notwithstanding an extremely active opposition to growth,the urban area continues to sprawl in all directions, stopped only by mountain ranges and Indian reservations. The cartoon character Tilly is based on real statements made by Tucsonans at public hearings.

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