( A Bandersnatch Commentary)

Democrat liberals can't seem to understand why millions of Americans, including a lot of Democrats, just don't buy the idea of a government run health care option. Neither do the liberals understand the vehemence of Republican and conservative opposition to the government run health option.

There are two reasons for opposition top the government run health option.

The first reason goes back to the American Revolution and is embedded in the psyche of being an ":American". That is a health distrust of the power of government.

Our country was born in gunfire against an oppressive British monarchy that discounted the rights and interests of the people in the colonies. Having to wrest our rights away from an army of better armed red coats deeply affected the psychology of the Americans.

Whether it is the Second Amendment right to bear arms, the First Amendment rights of speech, assembly and religion, the Fourteen Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure, our law and culture is built on the idea that the more powerful a government is, the more dangerous it is to our freedoms. 

One element of that psyche is the idea that the best government is the one closest to us....obviously not on the other side of an ocean or on the other side of the country. The best government is the one we can ride our horse over to its office and toss out the occupants of that office in the next election.

Thus the basic concept of turning something as important as our health over to the federal government headquartered in Washington DC is the American equivalent of heresy.

The second reason for the opposition to the government run health care option, even among Democrats, is the track record of government itself, and especially the federal government.

We have stood in line waiting for our drivers licenses.

We have applied for building permits.

We have applied for welfare or unemployment insurance.

Our experience with our state and local governments does not make us feel warm and fuzzy about the competence of even that government within horse back ride from our homes. Government is a nuisance.

Then lets look at the federal government.

A friend said "do you want to have the IRS running your health care?" Exactly the point.

Have you been through the wringer with the IRS?

How about having served in the military?

Then there's the success of the Border Patrol in keeping illegal aliens out of the country (an issue for us down in Bandersnatch country in Baja Arizona).

Have you had a run-in with Social Security or Medicare? Every Congressional officer has a specialist on staff to assist constituent in hassling with Social Security to get our benefits restored after being wrongfully taken way by some faceless bureaucrat in Washington.

The point is hardly anyone can point to a federal program that actually work the way it was intended, and is staffed by caring people top do not make your life a trip into Hell. 

Remember even us liberal Democrats cut our teeth being opposed to the concentration of governmental power during the Vietnam War and Nixon's tyranny. We relived our darkest fears with the invasion of Iraq and George W. Bush and Cheney's attempts to use the Patriot Act to turn America into a police state.

So we're every bit as paranoiac as the conservative cable commentators. And we have had our nightmare experiences with Washington DC when they cut off our Social Security, or drafted us and shipped our sorry butts to Viet Nam, or looked the other way why companies like Countrywide and Bear Sterns bankrupted the country....and there is no way in hell we are going to be convinced a government run health care option is going to be anything but a giant swamp into which trillions of dollars will vanish, and a lot of people are going to be left sitting in the lobby waiting in line for treatment until they die.

So there.